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Weight Loss

Most people who overeat will do so because of either Emotional reasons (Comfort eating) or Habitual reasons. Overeating because they started to do so early in life and they simply continue to overeat as a habit.

Emotional eaters

Usually overeat for reasons of comfort, to satisfy a feeling and not because they are hungry. It could be down to being bored or feeling stressed or something deeper, an empty feeling, a need to feel secure, maybe a feeling that they once got from certain types of food. Crisps, chocolate or other sweet things come to mind as an example. It could just as easily be potatoes or bread. Certain times of the day may also bring on cravings to eat certain foods. Even when the person decides they don’t want to eat that food the emotion has already been created and the person feels compelled to eat that food to relieve the craving. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to release negative emotions .

Portion control can also be an issue for emotional eaters. They may derive comfort from seeing large portions on their plate and then feel guilt if they don‘t eat it all.

They feel that it is a waste to throw food in the bin but it is equally as wasteful to put this excess food into your body. Hypnotherapy will give you the control to put it in the bin and feel good about it.

Habitual eaters may eat larger portions than they need purely because they have eaten this way since childhood and have developed a habit. As well as eating the wrong amount of food many have fallen into the habit of buying ready made convenience food or ordering takeaways believing that they do not have the time to prepare fresh meals. Hypnosis is a powerful and natural way to break habits. Many habitual eaters graze on food all through the day, preparing snacks, eating sweets, many times eating something without even being aware of it. They are not satisfying hunger or cravings, it is simply a habit which hypnosis can break.

 Nobody wants to be overweight. It is not enough to follow a diet without addressing the reasons behind why you are overweight. The food itself is NOT the issue. It is the reason behind the eating that needs to be addressed. This is where Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy will help. For the emotional eater the emotion needs to be released. For the habitual eater the habit needs to be replaced with healthy habits.

Diets don’t usually work because the emotion or habit is still there and will resurface in time resulting in any pounds that have been shed being quickly regained.

How does Hypnotherapy and hypnosis help to achieve the changes that allow weight loss and weight control to occur?

We use two different types of Hypnosis to give you the choice and the control to lose your excess weight.

The Hypnotist will discuss with each individual client their reasons for eating the way they do and then use the method of Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy best suited to their needs.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Each individual will have their own reasons for overeating, and in the majority of cases this reason will be based in the past and on a past emotion.

Analytical Hypnotherapy usually involves the use of a procedure referred to as "regression".  Put simply, regression is "remembering past emotions or beliefs that are stored in your subconscious". Sometimes an emotion or belief that was formed in your past and that has been long "forgotten" can still have an impact on your present. By accessing the trapped emotion or belief, the client and Hypnotherapist together can modify the perception of the event, or modify the belief and by doing so successfully remove the negative effects on your present and future thoughts and behaviours, in this case relating to food.

All of this is achieved over the course of approximately three to four sessions. Each session is a one-to-one session with our Hypnotherapist. The duration of each session is one and a half to two hours.

The second method of Hypnosis is Suggestion Therapy using  Hypnosis (Direct Suggestion)

This method is more suited to the person who has simply developed bad habits when it comes to food, eating unhealthy foods, eating too much food, late night snacking and just can’t seem to get the motivation it takes to break the habit. It is also suited to people who find it difficult to get the motivation to exercise.

The powerful suggestions that you receive during your Hypnosis sessions will be tailored to the thoughts you have about what you would like to achieve and how you would like to achieve your goals. The resulting success is achieved naturally and comfortably and you will not have to struggle with your willpower every step of the way. Through Hypnosis you will find it easier to make the changes you want to make and to enjoy feeling Healthier, Fitter and Happier and looking and feeling Slimmer, Confident and In Control.

All of this is achieved over the course of approximately two to five Hypnosis sessions. Each Hypnosis session is a one-to-one session with our Hypnotherapist.