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Pain Management

Many people live everyday in chronic pain, be it from arthritis, old injuries or just wear and tear. People suffer from migraines, back pain, period pains, the list goes on.

The majority of these pains can be reduced to a manageable level using hypnosis.

Pain is the body's way of letting us know that something is wrong. It is meant to act as an indicator to us to fix some internal problem. Once fixed, pain is no longer required. Pain, like all of the body's functions, is controlled by the mind. The level of pain experienced is entirely depended on the individual as we all present different pain thresholds.


How will Hypnosis Help ?

By using hypnosis we can identify the pain and learn to control it and thus reduce it to a point of comfort. Once the methods of controlling pain are established they can be used as often as required in quick and easy ways.

Hypnosis is a complimentary therapy and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to promote faster healing and pain relief.