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Studies indicate that anxiety disorders can have both a physical and psychological component, and they can be hereditary.   Symptoms are apparent, but the causes may be unknown.  The condition which creates the fear is a threat to the victim because it is unresolved.  Exposing the cause can diminish the anxiety associated with the fear by taking it out of the unknown so that rational suggestions can be used to alleviate symptoms. 

Once the causes are revealed, the technique of systematic desensitization may be the treatment of choice.  Systematic desensitization is a well organized  procedure to bring the psyche back into balance, eliminating the fears by hypnotic confrontation.  The fears are met and faced through the subconscious mind.  Repeated confrontation causes deterioration of the fear symptoms and increases the ability to face and deal with past traumatic experiences without apprehension, which the conscious mind then accepts.  Age regression can also be a highly effective technique for uncovering causes.

If you are suffering from anxiety this can manifest itself in many ways and with many unpleasant side effects such as panic attacks, phobias, lack of confidence, and depression. But effects may not be just mental affected symptoms. It could manifest itself as physical pains such as migraines and headaches, rashes, and stomach and/or bowel problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. By using our form of hypno-analysis we discover the underlying cause of the problem – the root cause – and then remove the emotion or feelings attached to the problem. This removes the symptoms permanently !