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Smoking Cessation

One of the most important uses of hypnosis is in overcoming addictions and bad habits from the most serious such as cigarette, alcohol and drugs, to those that are simply very annoying habits like nail-biting or knuckle cracking.

While there is for many people a physical side to addictions, it is always through our attitude and minds that they are finally overcome. The negative beliefs we hold onto perpetuate our addictions - including their physical side effects.

Through hypnosis and strong desire, we can change those beliefs that keep us addicted. We then see that we have all the strength we need.

Whatever the addiction, if on a subconscious level, we change that belief, the wall between freedom and us begins to crumble. We start to see that our beliefs about that addiction were largely an illusion. We can then experience a strength we didn’t know we had.

Many people have gained great benefit and overcome their addictions with the assistance of hypnotherapy.